The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide that helps to Melt Away Stubborn lingering fat to reveal a SEXY, LEANER, and SCULPTED Body!

Award Winning Fitness Professional and IFBB Pro Figure bodybuilder, Michelle Soares reveals the SECRETS on how her clients ALWAYS achieves the body they want in a SHORT Period of Time!

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Would you like to see how it’s done? KEEP READING!!

In this 3 step POWERFUL BUILDING PROGRAM, your mind and body will go through a series of levels that will not only help you shed the fat and give you a tighter mid waist BUT it will provide you with everything you need to know to loose the Stubborn fat and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD!

IMPOSSIBLE you say? There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE with Michelle!! I am just warming you up!

michelle-soares-opa-overall-championHi my name is Michelle Soares and I am an IFBB Pro Figure Bodybuilder, 2X award Fitness Professional  and a Transformation Life Coach. My main mission is to INSPIRE your Mind, MOTIVATE your body and EMPOWER your soul by bringing in a Hoslistic Approach to change to live a healthier lifestyle. What took me 10+ years of hard work, sacrifice and education in the industry you get it all in a 3 month bundle!! You get EVERYTHING that I have learned right at your fingertips. This is GOLD and honestly I haven’t seen anything like this out there.  My life struggles to my ongoing success are just a fraction of the value you will get to experience. Everything is organized, planned and customized for your individual needs so all you have to do is get started! No thinking! No diet! No cookie Cutter plans! Just your AUTHENTIC success guide and your DRIVE to succeed!

I know the feeling of wanting to look like the beautiful ladies in magazines. They look stunning and without flaws. I  wondered if it would be possible to have a body like that. To be honest with you I had low confidence in myself and had poor self esteem. I wanted to do everything I could to look like other girls but who was I kidding? The more I thought like this the more depressed I became. This vicious cycle brought me to diet and make poor healthy decisions that didn’t deliver results I was looking for. It was just wishful thinking. I truly believed this was IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL ONE DAY I found a coach and a mentor and decided to turn to bodybuilding.

Under supervision with direct guidance and direction, I went through an intense 6 month strict eating plan and exercise regime leaving me at times isolated and alone from the rest of the world. This journey helped me find myself and realize my full potential and who I really was. I was ok just being ME.

My enlightening moment was when I found out that happiness was created within ourselves. I realized that what I was going through was helping me to see who I was. All the hard work, the sweat, the time, the tears of physical and emotional pain, that was shedding away was turning into a new mindset that was surfacing to my life in such a great and fulfilling way that my results was just a reflection of my positive changes I was making. Once my focus from goal oriented shifted to focusing on making myself a priority and loving myself my fitness goals in gaining muscle and fat loss came off effortlessly.

I witnessed the miracle that if I want to change my body I need to be willing to change the mind first. It was a life transformation that altered my mind, body and soul that uncovered the true meaning of who I am and see purpose to life. That is why I want to help you. I want you to uncover your true ability and help YOU break free of your limiting beliefs as to why YOU are stuck in the cycle and can’t get passed the never-ending cycle of self-sabotage.

I literally don’t want you to lose anymore time then what you have lost already. Time goes by so fast and if you continue with the same lifestyle before you know it you gained more fat and you feel more disgusted with your yourself.

By you reading this, this is YOUR WAKE UP CALL!!

  • Do you still have clothes in your closet from your young days and wonder if its still possible to ever fit into them again?
  • Do cover yourself up with loose clothes?
  • Do you cringe at the thought of taking off your clothes when you look at yourself naked in the mirror?
  • Do you have that dreadful feeling of squeezing yourself into your skinny jeans knowing it won’t fit and will only see your belly hanging out of your jeans?
  • Do you thighs rub together when you walk?
  • Do your arms jiggle in the wind when you way goodbye?
  • You want a butt lift?

YOU were not meant to live like this. There is HOPE ladies! It’s time to bring your SEXY BACK into your life and bring the feeling of empowerment back into your life!

I HOPE you didn’t shut the door to that beautiful woman that you been hiding for so long.

Just IMAGINE what you would look like after 3 months of taking the 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge – The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide that helps to Melt Away Stubborn lingering fat to reveal a SEXY, LEANER, and SCULPTED Body!

Think about the new clothes you can by?

Have you ever imagined the feeling of looking SEXY and HOT again?

Think about the 2-piece bikini you always dreamed of wearing

Imagine the feeling of being confident in your body and knowing that you are FABULOUS and how everyone is complimenting you on how you lost all the weight.

You are probably sitting there thinking this is two good to be true, RIGHT!!?? Well your wrong! Read Real Life People’s body and results with the 90 day fat lose challenge!

People Who’ve Done the 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Here is how it works:

This Program Consists of 3 LEVELS – Infinity, Lotus and Om

It’s really simple!! How? Its because of my PROVEN POWERFUL BUILDING PROGRAM that I personally developed through my years in the industry, education and personal experiences.


The infinity program is geared towards conditioning your body. It’s great for fat burning, toning, sculpting, strength, stamina, endurance and stability. It is to help develop the base foundation to body sculpting your body to get that nice lean look. The objective is to develop and adapt your body to the levels of intensity to building muscle. (MUSCLE is what increases your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories even at rest. Not bad eh?!)  It is the introduction to learning how to exercise with weights. You learn to strengthen your core, learn proper form, techniques and do exercises that explore the human body and the functions they perform.

The best part to all this is that we incorporate a WHOLE-istic approach to training because in order to see profound and long lasting results you need to also incorporate the other elements of self – the mind, body and heart. You learn in this level how to set goals for yourself. Then from there you discover your habits and beliefs that are sabotaging you and then make the necessary steps to change them. It is a BREAKTHROUGH once you find out what they are :)


The lotus program is geared towards making your body a fat burning furnace where you go through the process of using your fat stores as energy to burn the fat from the upper body, stomach and lower body all in the while getting that lean and sculpted physique you can be proud of.

This phase is really important because the more muscle you build the more calories you burn hence you burning fat. This is where you learn to create the changes you want on a deeper level so that every part will benefit and will help to zone on the challenges areas where fat generally tends to settle in your body.

In other words, this phase will help you shed fat, define muscle, rev up your metabolism and transform the look of your entire physique, and dramatically enhance overall health and performance. It guarantees to decrease your overall body fat and give you the behaviors to keep the fat off!


The OM program is the most challenging level of them all. It tests your limitations. It’s a combination of everything you have learned from the other 2 levels along with other challenging exercises. You work from the bottom up and see yourself in ACTION. This level you truly see your inner strength!! This is PRICELESS! How can you put a price to this change! You can’t.

OMG this is GREAT! as I hear you say “There is more”  This is what else to expect:

The 90 Day Fat Loss Program consists of the following:

  • Nourishment plans
  • Weekly Workout plans for each level
  • Meditations
  • Weekly homework
  • Supplement Guide
  • Weekly motivation to help you stay focused and inspired
  • Ongoing support and guidance
  • Training Journal to Track your progress
  • Body Composition and goal sheet tracker
  • Private online group support
  • Weekly online check-ins with Michelle Soares
  • Access to the private support group motivation program on facebook.

Pretty different from what you normally read right!? I am telling you this is a very UNIQUE program. They say in order to see changes you need to try different things you haven’t tried so by you reading or you just happen to stumble upon this website it was by NO COINCIDENCE!!

Are you ready to take your fitness and life to the next level and achieve not only the body you want but your inner greatness?!

Join the 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge Now!

You will reap the following benefits:

  •  Get results within as little as 4 weeks
  • Decreased Stress: You are doing something for YOURSELF
  •  Be expected to buy new clothes – YIPPEE!! :D
  • Increased energy, more endurance and power and strength
  • Lose weight while you Sleep with guided meditation :D (YES you heard correctly)
  • Workouts consist of bodyweight exercises, weights, circuit training, and High Intensity Interval Training methods
  •  Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Mass Fat Loss
  •  Target Specific muscle groups such as butt, abs, arms and shoulders
  •  An increase in your self confidence and self esteem
  •  Feel empowered after every workout
  •  Feel Sexy and comfortable in your clothes
  •  Improved quality of life
  •  Finding the beauty in who you really are
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Boost in immune system
  •  New Beginnings, NEW YOU, NEW BODY, NEW LIFE
  •  Reduced stress and elevated doses of positivity
  • Unlimited happiness and good health
  •  Positive outlook in life and feeling AMAZING and FABULOUS with who you are… “PERFECT”!!

Wait but that is not all!

If you sign up now you get this bundle a value of $500 but yours FREE!! This is just my appreciation gift to you to help you further along your goals.

Additional features:

  • You are what you eat – Meal Prepping, Nutrition Tips, Healthy Recipes, etc
  • Train insane or remain the same – Additional workouts for home and office
  • SMART Goal – Capture the Vision – The importance of Goal Setting, and more
  • Working Within – Visualization and Meditation


Reprogram Your Mind for Success

  • Can’t live a positive life with a negative Attitude
  • Learn 35 unique positive affirmations that will change your life


How about if I tell you that’s not it!!

After the 3 months you get a treasured CAL memoir Gift Set for to remember your journey to your greatness.

I am so EXCITED for you to get started!! Are you with me!? Are you ready for this new lifestyle change? Meet other like minded FABULOUS women just like you?


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Total Investment:

The TOTAL VALUE Of the 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge is WORTH $1800 in training and you are only paying $597 (with simple payments of $199) and SAVING of $1200!! Wooo Hoooo!! But that’s not all!

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