Name: Michelle Soares

Nicknames: Morena

Nationality: Canadian/Portuguese

Birthday: August 8

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Current Address: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Height: 5’5 1/2”

Education: Fitness and Health Promotion – Humber College

Divine Connection Practitioner – Transformation Arts College

Reiki Master  – Center of Light Academy

Life Coach and Mentor – Center of Light Academy

Institute of Holistic Nutrition Academy – Expected to Graduate April 2019

Favourite TV Show: It keeps changing

Favourite Movies: The Book of Eli, Avatar, Dirty Dancing

Favourite Actor: Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, Liam Neeson

Favourite Music: Michael Jackson, Madonna

Favourite Books: The Alchemist, Celestine Prophecy

Favourite Cheat Foods: Pizza, Sushi, Burgers and Fries

Personal Strengths: Courage, Faith, Ambitious

Personal Weaknesses: Empathetic

Something people may not know: I am a spiritual person

What you dislike most: Conniving people

Pet Peeves: Not keeping your word

Any Hidden talents: Intuitive

The perfect vacation: Bora Bora says it all

My Personality: Outgoing, Free Spirited, humble, enthusiastic, honest

Most important characteristic in a person? Truthfullness

Favorite subject in school? Gym

Oddest comment ever heard: A guy telling me I have nice eye brows

Childhood Dreams? International Motivational Speaker/Business Women

One thing you wish you could do? To get my breakthrough in entertainment and inspire and motivate people around the world helping them achieve their dreams.

Best Advice: Be you. Have a vision. Trust the process.