Group coaching is an alternative to the one-on-one coaching style, where Michelle facilitates and coaches a small group together. This is a high value and lower cost option to mind/body/soul coaching, and even offers some benefits that one-on-one coaching does not. It may be right for you!


Power in Numbers: Group coaching has been shown to improve motivation, increase accountability and result in long lasting change.
Community: Group coaching offers the chance to build a community, share in your goals, struggles and learn from one another experiences.
Cost effective: The price is less than working individually one-on-one with Michelle.
Support: Group coaching offers the chance to feel supported, and support others in your long term health goals.



  • 6 consecutive sessions, 1 hour per week
  • 6-10 people per group
  • Consistent and unlimited individual e-mail support throughout the 6 weeks
  • A safe, warm and welcoming environment
  • 6 high definition grow your confidence modules
  • 6 nutritious meal plans with recipe book
  • 6 high definition workout videos to do in the comfort of your own home
  • Daily inspirational and motivational check ins


Once you sign up for a group coaching session, you will receive a welcome e-mail from Michelle, where she will provide you with all handouts and worksheets for the month. Included in the welcome package is an initial intake form to fill out, and bring with you to the first session.

Session #1: Introduction, structured review of each members health goals, health history, previous or current struggles and hurdles. Michelle reviews key themes and important information, based on the group’s need. Each attendee will leave with specific goals for the week + homework including a food journal.

Session #2 + #3: Everyone reviews their week, their goals and any struggles and hurdles that came up. Michelle will discuss relevant information as per the group’s need. Each attendee will leave both sessions with new goals for the week + homework including a food journal.

Session #4: Review, conclude and reflect on the past three weeks. Discuss long-term goals and long-term action plan for each attendee. Discuss relevant information based on groups need.

E-MAIL to register, or to ask any further questions.

We require full payment upon registration. Receipt provided.

Payment methods include all major credit cards, e-transfer + cash.