Sessions are a combination of spiritual counseling/mentoring, intuitive insight, and direct energy healing. I work with you to transform the cause of a problem into spiritual energy. Spiritual healing/counseling can alleviate symptoms, and help you to discover, understand, and implement practical solutions to personal problems.

Spiritual intuitive counseling sessions considers the whole person, it unfolds and aligns the mind, body and soul. Each session is multifaceted and tailored to each your unique needs, working towards assisting you to create positive outcomes in the various areas of life.

Spiritual insights that come through the session are to assist you to find your own answers, your soul purpose to ultimately reconnect with your Higher Self. Sessions are designed to move through the layers blocking you from reaching your infinite potential. I am a catalyst and mentor on your path, I work through my connection to intent and knowingness and with your active participation in the healing partnership. All healing happens through increased connection to your Higher Self.

This approach to counseling works best for those who have an awareness of, or interest in spirituality.

During our session I may use a combination of past life regression, guided imagery/meditation, angel reading, Reiki, chakra balancing, prayer, crystals, hypnosis and/or NLP.

Spiritual intuitive counseling sessions address the following:

Stress Management
Body Image
Self Worth/Self Esteem


Investment to self

1 hour: $150

Additional 30 minutes $50

3 prepaid sessions $360. A savings of $90