michelle_soares_professionalThe primary purpose of speaking is to share her experience about her personal journey, aspirations, ambitions, drive, dreams and passion with others so they to can be inspired to make their dreams come true whether in Fitness or in Life.

The focus is to guide people to awaken their true authentic power within themselves so they may lead happy and fulfilling lives. She has built a successful personal brand to inspire, motivate and empower people in hopes to make their dreams possible. Her personal journey has helped her to connect with people and be able to share in a powerful message of passion, drive, faith and self-belief.

Master the art of being a winner, a conquerer, creating miracles in your life but most importantly believing in yourself!

Michelle Soares is a ball of fire, through her visionary, influential and passion as a Tranformational life coach and mentor. She has helped hundreds of people empower change, heal from the inside out and help transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their goals and dreams. No other person can bring Michelle’s industry experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to the table. Michelle uses what she learned from her own experience, education, interactions/observations with others and clients to help others apply to their own lives. She is a highly regarded speaker of NEVER GIVING UP and is known for her inspirational and motivational style. Michelle has focused her life to helping people in the areas of self-development, holistic fitness, health, wellness, meditation and empowering soulful retreats. Michelle speaks from the heart and has a compelling, empowering and compassionate approach to help hundreds of thousands of people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Michelle Soares empowers people to take action! She gets to the heart of the issue and has laser sharp focus on helping people get the results they are looking for. Coming from years of experience in the Fitness and Health industry she walks you through the steps and strategies to conquer your roadblocks. Michelle is helping hundreds of people to make choices and changes that will impact the rest of your life.