FIT & Fabulous Training Packages ……..but why not go the extra step and turn  it into FIT & FLAB-LOSS! 

Are you ready to sweat, tone, nourish, and empower your way to the best version of yourself?

If you want a personal trainer who is fully dedicated to you, passionate about life, loves what they do for a living, has a positive attitude, a pleasure to be around, an awesome motivator, high energy, upbeat, knowledgable and gives you results, then I am your girl!

I only train certain amount of clients so if you are serious about changing your lifestyle, working towards a better version of you and putting in your 110% then together we can make whatever your goals are come true!

My goal is to ensure you get the best of what comes with a healthy lifestyle, develop the mindset for success and transform you from the inside out. To me, its not just about being fit but also working from within to uncover the beautiful and amazing person you are meant to be.

All packages include but not limited to the following:

* One-on-One or Group Training (up to 3 people)

* 1 hour sessions that challenge your mind and body

* Nourishment plan that include delicious recipes

* Positive Mindset practices

* Fitness challenges to do at home

* Customized Workout plans

* Visualization exercises

* Daily Meditations (customized for your individual needs: destress, weight-loss, confidence builder, etc)

* Confidence-Boosting Tips to move you outside your comfort zone

* Unlimited Fun – Friendship, inspiration, happiness, positivity and support

* Daily inspiration to keep you motivated and UP-Beat!

* Fitness Assessment

* Measurements/Before and After Picture

* A Special surprise Gift for YOU – Inspiration in a bag

Whatever your reasons for wanting or needing a personal training, I will be with you supporting you and encouraging you every step of the way. I will be your guiding force to help you keep moving forward. I will be your strength when you think you are weak. I will be your motivator to help you rise above struggles/hardships! That you can count on!

Transform your body, your attitude, and your life to uncover a better version of YOU.

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Why do I offer a free consult?
I believe it’s important to resonate with people, in order to fasciliate rapid, lasting change. It’s important to me that you resonate with me and I need to see, hear, and feel that I am the best fit to make sure I can get you to where you want to go — and fast!

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation in order to answer your questions and explore if I am a good fit for you.

If you would like to book your free consultation please email me at