Michelle Soares is a Transformation Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Gifted Intuitive Reiki Energy Practitioner, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner and a Zumba Instructor. She graduated from Humber College in 2007 in the Fitness and Health Promotion Program; graduated from the Divine Connection Program at Transformational Arts College in 2013 and completed her certifications at the Centre of Light as a Reiki Master and Life Coach and Mentoring in 2014.

Through her 10+ years in the Fitness Industry changing the lives of the people that she encounters has led her to many achievements. She is a 2X Award winning Fitness Professional through CANFIT-PRO. She won the Worldwide Stevie BRONZE Award for Women in Business – Women Helping Women. She came in 1st place and OVERALL at the 2015 GNC Toronto Championship making her Ms. Figure Toronto as well as placing 4th in her provincial making her a OPA/CBBF National Level Athlete and she won the Stevie Award Winner of Women of Year and Coach/Mentor of the Year in November 2015. She has been on numerous TV shows and one of the top Motivational and Leadership Experts in her Community.

Michelle demonstrates all the qualities of a well rounded Leader in her community. Like many who start their journey, Michelle’s passion began with setting her own personal goals to be fit, healthy, confident and a successful business woman. Now she shares her unique burst of energy, excitement and knowledge with others in her community, clients and whomever she comes into contact with and helps others achieve their inner greatness and dreams!

Michelle’s unique approach helps people change the way they see themselves WHOLE-istically from the inside out. She extends her motivation and inspiration to communities, clients, speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and events. She also believes in giving back to the community and donates to local charities.

Michelle’s #1 goal is for people of all ages to feel empowered, inspired and motivated to become the best they can be. After going through her own fitness transformation, Michelle knows the power fitness has to change one’s lifestyle and uses her journey to continually grow and evolve and bring forth a legendary experience to not only transform your body but to also work on deeper levels to transform your life. She believes its more then fitness. She believes its also finding meaning and purpose to life. Its a second chance of living it up to your full potential, having the best body ever and connecting all levels of self to live a happy, healthy and confident life.

It all began in 2012. It began after a series of lifes distraught trategies that eventually caught up to her and not realizing the severity that it was having on her daily life and suffocating her immensely. It left her lost with life and disconnected with herself leaving her in fear, isolation and depressed. What she soon would come to realize “A Dream in the Making” was that Bodybuilding would not only save her life but also create an empire that would uniquely transform lives on so many levels. It began when she started her Bodybuilding Figure Competition and placed 2nd in 2013.

This journey helped her find herself and realize her full potential and who she really was to become.
Her enlightening moment was when she found out that happiness was created within ourselves. She realized that what she was going through was helping her to see who she was. All the hard work, the sweat, the time, the tears of physical and emotional pain that was shedding away was turning into a new mindset that was surfacing to her life in such a great and fulfilling way that her results was just a reflection of her positive changes she was making. Once her focus from goal oriented shifted to focusing on making herself a priority and loving herself her fitness goals in gaining muscle and fat loss came off effortlessly.

She witnessed the miracle that if you want to change your body you need to be willing to change the mind first. It was a life transformation that altered her mind, body and soul that uncovered the true meaning of who she was and see what her purpose to life is ( to uncover your potential and help YOU break free of your limiting beliefs so you can live a life of happiness, health and confidence)

This is how Michelle Soares’ True Spirit was born! Michelle believes its about loving yourself and making yourself a priority in order to see profound change. It begins with looking from the inside out to see the positive results take place. Her main mission is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EMPOWER you to be confident, healthy and happy. 

She hopes with her services, programs, personal life experience and education will ignite a spark so strong within you that it will open your eyes to your true self. It will leave you inspired, motivated, empowered and in control of your life to want to make a difference in your own life.