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Reiki Level 2

What can Reiki do for you?
Reiki Level II will help you to deepen your understanding of this amazing modality. It is likely that by the time you are studying at this level, your doubt and scepticism regarding the effectiveness of Reiki has fallen away and you have a deep respect for the results that Reiki can provide on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. If you are feeling called to complete this level, you are ready. 
Like most things involving energy, learning is experiential. You can effort to try to understand how Reiki energy works and science is providing much more information to help us intellectually navigate through it but the best way to understand Reiki energy is by feeling it. 
Reiki energy is everywhere and in all things. It connects everything and has a consciousness that allows everything to be in a constant state of communication. 

The Second Degree requires that the student has complete the First Degree and has had sufficient practice for the energy to be flowing with less variation in intensity. Usually at least three months will have passed since the student took the First Degree. In the second degree Reiki initiation, the central channel is opened up to a greater level, and the amount of energy that can be channeled increases.

The student receives three symbols:

The POWER Symbol 

This increases the amount of energy that can be channeled. It enables the student to open and close the energy connection when treating himself or others. It allows the student to use the Universal energy to cleanse and purify places energetically. The power symbol can also be used as a protection around a home, car, etc

The MENTAL Symbol 

This allows the student to enter into a different level of energy, which works on the mental and emotional levels of the person receiving the energy. It is therefore used for mental and emotional healing. It is particularly helpful in dealing with anger, sadness, anxiety, depression and problems with relationships and when sending Reiki to the cause of a condition. It can also be used to help stop unwanted habits such as smoking.

The DISTANCE Symbol 

This allows healing to be sent at a distance. The recipient does not have to be physically present, but could be anywhere in the world. This symbol can also be used to send Reiki into the future. If the student wants to send Reiki to something he or she plans to do, the person simply asks the energy to arrive at a particular tinme, and it will be ready when that times comes. This also works for the past. Reiki can be sent to specific events in the past, or to the cause of a proble, even if the cause is unknown.

Course Outline:

• 10-12 hours
• Reiki II certification and attunement
• Learn absentee/distance healing
• Learn and work with the 3 Reiki symbols and how they work on a deeper mental and emotional level
• Your energy is refined and ability to channel energy is heightened
• Learn and work with the 3 Reiki symbols and how they work on a deeper mental and emotional level
• Reiki Code of Ethics
• Pratical sessions on using the symbols (on self and with others in a treatment setting)
• Questions and Anwers
• Reinforcing or enhancing your connection to the Reiki energy
• Group and private classes available

On completion of the course, you will receive the second degree Reiki certification as well as on-going support and advice

Investment to self $450+HST

Register for Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 Graduates

I decided to register with Michelle for Reiki Level 2, as continuation of my journey in rediscovering myself and my purpose in my present life cycle. I had done the Life Reboot Program, followed by Soul Awakening Program, which were both very rewarding with many learnings boosting my energy, confidence and belief in myself.

Reiki became the next step in my path! The topic captivated my interest in wanting to know more about it and learn ways to connect with higher energies in order to heal myself and/or others.

I enjoyed meeting amazing women in our small group, each very supportive and kind in sharing their experiences and light in the group. Michelle, our Master, an amazing teacher that explained each technique and answered all of our questions. When I had doubts, Michelle was always reassuring, easing my anxiety. Michelle was always open to discussion and found better ways of explaining topics when I didn’t understand it.

The major highlight of Reiki 2 was meeting everyone in person on the day of our practical work with one another, followed by our attunement. It was a powerful experience filled with emotions, physical and spiritual energies and lots of light. I felt heat go through my body, giving me lightness and clarity. My heart and soul truly connected with love and gratitude.

I recommend the Reiki Program with Michelle to anyone who’s in search of healing or their journey of becoming a healer. Michelle’s expertise, professionalism, kindness, understanding, charisma and support are top of the line. I look forward to Reiki Mastery in the new year.

Carla Lima
Level 2 Graduate

What a life altering journey Reiki 2 has been! When I started healing emotional imbalances, physically feeling healthier, energized and mentally more clear and focused in Reiki 1, I knew I wanted to build on this foundation and continue my self development journey with Michelle in Reiki 2.

Taking every opportunity I could that aligned along the way, I found doing the inner work in Michelle’s Soul Awakening Program and her Reboot Your Life Program coinciding simultaneously with Reiki, really was the trinity to reseting and rebalancing my life!

The sacred techniques and knowledge provided in Reiki 2 has given me a deeper understanding and connection to myself and others. As it has enhanced my intuition and daily self care rituals. I have been able to cultivate new levels of self awareness, confidence, independence and direction within myself and my life. Being able to find and create myself has given me the strength to step into my power and follow my purpose.

Our Reiki 2 Attunement was beyond words to describe. It was magical to hold space and heal with amazing, supportive, like-minded individuals. It truly is a pleasure and the best part to the whole experience, to be part of this group that made each class and the process lighter and fun. To witness each one of us come out of the Attunement with a greater conscious awareness, unconditional self love and acceptance was wholeheartedly an enlightening and empowering experience.

Investing in myself was the best decision I’ve ever made! Reiki 2 has helped me transform breakdowns into breakthroughs, restricting thoughts and beliefs into an unlimited mindset, negatives into positives that ultimately shifted me into a happier and healthier lifestyle. I am grateful for this experience to fall in love with myself again, my life and what I continue to create and discover, and that’s all thanks to Michelle’s guidance and incredible programs!

I wish for everyone to experience the magic of Reiki and unlock their truest potential!


Level 2 Graduate
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